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TANL Conference – September 13th, 2014

TANL (Thrombosis & Anticoagulation Newfoundland & Labrador) is hosting a Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Half-day Conference at the Memorial University of Newfoundland Medical School, on the morning of September 13th (Newfoundland and Labrador time). The key-note speaker is Dr Susan Kahn, a leading author of the ACCP Guidelines and world renown authority in Thrombosis Medicine.

If you would like to attend, please access this site at https://www.med.mun.ca/pdcs/program_info.asp?programID=2729 and register by logging in or briefly creating an account. This educational event is open to physicians/pharmacists/nurses/residents or respective students.

More information can be found below.

Download (PDF, Unknown)