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Recognizing Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

These materials have been developed to help raise patient’s awareness of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis.

The posters and checklist below are customizable for your institution. If you wish to add your logo or address to the materials, please send your request to info@thrombosiscanada.ca and we will coordinate it with you. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Accredited health care education program available. Contact us at info@thrombosiscanada.ca to organize a program for your institution. See provider education program slides below.

Waiting Room Poster

Download Waiting Room Poster

Exam Room Poster

Download Exam Room Poster

Symptom Checklist

Download Symptom Checklist

Patient Education Video

Download Patient Education Video

Provider Education Program PPT

Download Provider Education Program PPT

Patient Education Slides

Download Patient Education Slides

This initiative was made possible through an Educational Grant by Pfizer Canada Inc.