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Clinical Guides Acknowledgements

Thrombosis Canada thanks the following members for their work in the development and review of our Clinical Guides

2018-19 Clinical Guide Committee Co-Chairs

Shannon Bates, MD
Jeff Habert, MD

2018-19 Guide Authors/Reviewers

Sonia Anand, MD
Alan Bell, MD
Benjamin Bell, MD
Vinai Bhagirath, MD
Lana Castellucci, MD
Anil Chopra, MD
Robert Cote, MD
Mark Crowther, MD
Alyssa Dalton, RPh
Kerstin de Wit, MD
Vera Dounaevskaia, MD
James Douketis, MD
Bill Geerts, MD
Indy Gosh, MD
Eric Kaplovitch, MD
Alan Karovitch, MD
Eddy Lang, MD
Gregoire LeGal, MD
Agnes Lee, MD
Marie Lordkipanidzé, MD
Otto Moodley, MD
Chris Patriquin, MD
Andre Roussin, MD
Monty Sandhu, MD
Dimitri Scarvelis, MD
Sam Schulman, MD
Rita Selby, MD
Debra Siegal, MD
Leslie Skeith, MD
Reginald Smith, PharmD
Eric Tseng, MD
Jeff Weitz, MD
Cynthia Wu, MD
Stephanie Young, PharmD